How we do it?


  • Situación actual del Gobierno (percepción operativa).
  • Visión compartida con el cabildo y gabinete.
  • Punto de inicio de un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad.


  • Entendimiento detallado operativo del estado del gobierno.
  • Evaluación del desempeño del gobierno.
  • Evidencia Objetiva.
  • Identificación y seguimiento a propuestas, acciones y programas.

Mejora de Procesos

  • Rediseño y actualización de procesos.
  • Implementación de un Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad estándar ISO9001:2008.

Consulting Methodology

1.- Perception and Understanding 2.- Alignment 3.- Action Plan 4.- Government Plan 5.- Process Improvement 6.- International Recognition
0. Sound out the local leader's perception and his/her government vision. 1. Performance assessment with cabinet members.

Starting point for the implementation.
2. Assign to team members particular topics to be improved.

Follow-up to proposals, actions and commitments.
3. Integral vision of government actions.

Propose and build a digital agenda, aligned to the political agenda with needs needs.
4. Process improvement through their redesign and update.

Implementation and preparation.
5. External audit to get an international reliable government recognition form the world council for quality in governments and to certify processes with ISO 18091:2014.
Self-Assessment Group-Diagnosis Verification using sub indicators Government Plan Development Diagnostic and documentation Certification

Consulting Methodology / Certification Process

Phase Description Duration
Session Zero Understanding the ISO Governance model Mayors perception Induction: 4 hours.

Training: 8 hours.
1. Self-Diagnostic. Current government’s situation.

Vision shared with the team.

Starting point for the implementation of a quality management system.
Training: 16 hours.

Session: 4 hours.

2. Action Plan. Assignment of responsabilities.

Follow-up to proposals, actions and commitments.

15-30 days.
3. Government Plan Make an action plan based on results.

Propose and build a digital agenda.

Align political plan with needs.
4-6 weeks
4. Process Improvement Re-design and update processes
Preparation for an external audit.
3-6 months
5 & 6 Process Improvement Basic procedures and Management
Quality System Manual
1 month
7. Implementation Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 Standard Management Quality System-Requirements. 6-12 months
8. Internal Auditing Internal Audit of Management Quality System ISO 18091:2014. Training for external audit.
9. International Recognition 3 levels of acknowledgment:

-All green ISO indicators.
-Citizen observatory
-Quality Management System based on ISO 18091 granted by an approved external auditor.

ISO 18091:2014
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